DAddario EXP-16

  • Beschichtete Phosphor Bronze
  • 012 - 053
  • Stärken: 012 - 016 - 024 - 032 - 042 - 053
  • Stärke: Light

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    „I bought a set of D'Addario Exp's which are coated strings for my Martin OM21 and installed them on Sept 1 so it would be easy to remember how long they lasted. They are 2 months old and I have played them for an average of about 1 hour a day. First impression was they sounded very balanced when I ftrst put them on and they didnt sound as scratchy as normal Acoustic strings when I slide my fingers up and down the strings. Acoustic strings usually last me about 3 weeks before the Big E starts to sound flabby and not as strong as before. I use DADGAD sometimes and EADGBE std tuning the rest of the time. In DADGAD my Martin sounds huge I love that sound. SO a few weeks went by I was waiting for the big E to sound flabby like they always do and it didnt it passed the 3 week mark and still sound great. Now 2 months later they still sound great clear true sound on all strings which surprised me. Id say they still sound about 98% as good as they were when they were brand new. They havent lost any major quality of tone at all and they stay in tune great. So I really like these they worked great on this guitar. Im gonna keep playing it everyday cause I love my Martin and see how long it takes to wear them out so far they are holding up better than I expected and I am very happy. The harmonic chimes are really good I can do them all over the place. So Id give these a high rating and will definatly buy another set when these wear out which might be quite awhile. I love it when stuff actually does what they say it will do.“
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